Chrome Hearts Foti Clothing

Chrome Hearts and Joe Foti have a special bond, dating back to 2002 when the brand was founded. In Japan, we had a few weeks before our first exhibition titled “Fisting Scars”, so Joe and the team decided to decorate the display cabinets with small sculptures. Until the night of the opening, people asked about and wanted to buy the six characters. So Joe asked Richard how much to sell them for and thus started a career with this brand creating unique designs. Chrome Hearts Shop offer the latest quality hoodies, t-shirts, and long sleeve at a reasonable price. With his Jewelry Collection, Joe Foti continues to create timeless, beautiful pieces made with the finest materials. Crosses and Foti rings are works of art that will last a lifetime.

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Chrome Hearts Foti Collection for 2023

Features the latest designs from Joe Foti, including a shirt, hoodie, and more. Every piece is designed to last, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. So whether you’re looking for a unique gift or an everyday wardrobe staple, the clothing Collection has something for everyone who loves luxury and sophistication. Get your hands on these exclusive pieces today - only available at Chrome Hearts store!

Chrome Hearts T-shirts

The T-shirt features a bold design from Joe Foti. Made from 90% cotton & 10% polyester, it’s lightweight and breathable, perfect for warm summer days. We decorate the front of the Chrome Hearts Foti Abduction T-shirt with an eye-catching abduction graphic that commands attention. With its modern style, this piece will take your wardrobe to the next level of cool. F

Chrome Hearts Foti Hoodie

Stay cozy and stylish in the hoodie. This zip-up sweatshirt features a unique design by Joe Foti that showcases his signature style. Made from high-quality materials, it’s both durable and comfortable, perfect for cold winter days. The Chrome Hearts Foti Black Hoodie also features a classic brand logo on the chest, adding even more style to this stylish piece. Don’t miss out - get your hands on the Hoodie today!

Chrome Hearts Long Sleeve

Show off your style in the Chrome Hearts Long Sleeve. This simple yet striking design features a classic logo on the front and back, making it perfect for any occasion. The shirt’s lightweight fabric is breathable and comfortable, so you can wear it all day long without feeling weighed down. From casual days to special occasions, this piece will keep you looking great while keeping you feeling cool. Get your hands on this exclusive design today - only available at our store!

Material of the highest quality

Premium quality materials ensure durability and lasting beauty with Chrome Hearts Foti Collection. Everything from the classic cross to the Foti ring looks great and stands out. We give you a piece that will last you a lifetime. Want something special? Chrome Hearts Hoodie is a perfect choice. These unique and thoughtful gifts make great presents for yourself or a loved one. Don't wait - shop our Collection now! This brand will elevate your wardrobe. Luxurious fabrics, bold designs, and timeless style make this collection a favorite among luxury and sophistication lovers. Our website is the only place to shop! Keep up to date on new arrivals and exclusive deals by following us on social media!